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Serving sandwiches in Park Slope.


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I've been a loyal customer since this place was called city sub, and was on Bergen. They moved and went plural but the quality hasn't changed, thankfully. Bread is delicious. Every ingredient is fresh and good. Except tonight the tomato was kind of mealy. But pretty much every sandwich they make is close to perfect. The prices are silly, though. Tonight I ordered a roast beef sandwich with cheese and some basic toppings. Including tip it cost $21. I'll keep ordering from them because the quality can't be beat, but, honestly, I kinda resent the prices.


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They got something special over there! The bread is amazing! The service was stellar and I can't wait to order from my new favorite place again! I'm definitely a fan!!


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Best straight forward deli sandwiches in the area! The option to toast the meat and not the bread is grade A. Can't get enough!


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Best sandwiches in new York hands down. Very fast and efficient as well. Definitely worth going back.


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Great Sandwich. I should of not added the extra meat it was a lot. Bread and dressing was perfect.

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2 reviews
Ive been very disappointed in the past with City Subs service, so I stopped ordering from them months ago. Even though they make the most delicious sandwiches.
I decided to give them another go last week and the service was great. So great that I ordered again this week and it was on time and perfect.
Im so glad they worked out whatever was causing issues in the first place and are now reliable and on time!


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This was going to be our new go too, but seamless now shows that they are no longer able to deliver to my area - in Dumbo. Absolutely incredible subs! You can make your own pizza sub too, with their homemade marina sauce which is insanely delicious!! Huge portions and great quality. I hope they are able to deliver over here in the future!


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This is my first online review. The world needs to know that these sandwiches are out there and that they too could be yours. Check them out or move within their delivery radius. Whatever it takes. The bread is perfect, the toppings are fresh and the staff is friendly. I recommend at least one City Sub a week for best effects.


Top Reviewer
Top notch bread, lots of meet. Great subs. This place used to be really late on delivery (AND wouldn't come upstairs to deliver food), but I continued ordering because the subs were so good. Thankfully they seem to have fixed the issues. Usually my order comes five minutes early and it's always delicious.


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Didnt expect such a great sub ..definitely ordering again. I dont know why so many people try to bring them down with so many negative reviews . I had no issue with their delivery or the food . Two thumbs up way to go guys..

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